No Hassle Guarantee

Our Customer’s Happiness and Satisfaction is Important to Us

Working with Land of the Free Properties is plain and simple.  We are not about hidden agendas, shifty deals, or bait and switch tactics.  We are a family run business that is focused on providing you with a tremendous value in purchasing the right piece of property for you.  That’s our no-hassle guarantee.

We are so committed to our customer’s satisfaction, that we offer a 100% principal back, 90-day guarantee.  If you don’t like the land, we will refund your principal paid*, or exchange the property for another that we have available.

It’s our commitment to you being a satisfied customer.

This commitment of loyalty to our customers is straight from our founder, Anthony Amitrano.

*On a terms sale (owner financing) we will refund your principal paid or exchange for another property in inventory based on the price you paid for the property excluding any fees (i.e., closing costs, doc fees, note maintenance fees and taxes). Any late or missed payments by the buyer during the Guarantee period will automatically void the No Hassle Guarantee. It’s simple, you keep your end of the deal and I’ll keep mine. On a cash sale we agree to exchange the property for another property, of equal or lesser value, currently in our inventory. An additional doc fee of $500 will be required to complete the exchange paperwork and cover the additional filing fees.